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  In the company's quest to meet the most discerning needs and requirements of our valued customers, no compromise is made on quality. This has helped LCEC to foray into the exports market. The products meet world quality standards and competitive pricing.  
  Quality Assurance  
  LCEC has laboratory with most modern equipments. It provides the manufacturing facility the best of quality assurance practices for sourcing raw material inputs as well as finished products. It also offers the world class product development and process improvement innovations. This is LCEC's continuous mission. Incidentally, it is the source of customer satisfaction.  
  LCEC has state of the art Laboratory Equipments    
  • UV spectro Photometer

  • Atomic absorbance spectro photometer to test heavy metal content.

  • Potentio metric titrator - Mettler DL25 - To test chloride

  • Potentio metric titrator - Mettler DL50 - To test chloride & other ions

  • Halogen Moisture Analyser - RH 73 (Metler)

  • Colorlab + Color Matching system (Macbeth CE3000)

  • Gas Chromatograph

  • HPLC

  • HPCL - PDA

  • Muffle Furnace to test Ash content

  • Red Devil (Vibroshaker)

  • Muller

  • Parallel rotating bars for milling

  • INk proofer (Proofing Kit)

  • Hedgman gauge

  • Zahn Cup / Ford Cup to test viscosity

  • Flow glass to measure flow of paste inks


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